Friday, January 26, 2007

First Race of the Season

I finally broke the 20 minute barrier: my elusive goal for 2006. Finished in 19m49s, a new personal record(PR). I wasn't trying too hard, I was relaxing, enjoying myself. I enjoyed the friendly, informal crowd of enthusiastic athletes. And I enjoyed the friendly banter with some veteran runners at the start. It inspires me: these people above retirement age are fitter, faster and healthier than I was in my 20's. Scary thought, just how inactive I was. But, who knows, maybe some of them partied hard in their 20's too?

A nice person took my photo after the race. That's me standing still, tired after the race. The picture below is one of the veterans I admire, sprinting to the finish.

Then, off to visit Terra Plana, my sponsor. I needed a new pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes. Yes, I wear shoes! I have to for my job as a researcher in Medical Physics, not for running, mind you. And, you thought we Physicists only wore sandals...

Next, off for a photo shoot at the Waltham Forest Guardian. Look forward to seeing what they write! Some PR for my PR.

Next Race: a Half Marathon at the end of Feb.

Then, a 10k in Early March, and finally, the Lyon Marathon in late April.

Here's the article that appeared in the Leyton Guardian. A few factual errors, but the gist is both correct and positive.