Friday, January 26, 2007

First Race of the Season

I finally broke the 20 minute barrier: my elusive goal for 2006. Finished in 19m49s, a new personal record(PR). I wasn't trying too hard, I was relaxing, enjoying myself. I enjoyed the friendly, informal crowd of enthusiastic athletes. And I enjoyed the friendly banter with some veteran runners at the start. It inspires me: these people above retirement age are fitter, faster and healthier than I was in my 20's. Scary thought, just how inactive I was. But, who knows, maybe some of them partied hard in their 20's too?

A nice person took my photo after the race. That's me standing still, tired after the race. The picture below is one of the veterans I admire, sprinting to the finish.

Then, off to visit Terra Plana, my sponsor. I needed a new pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes. Yes, I wear shoes! I have to for my job as a researcher in Medical Physics, not for running, mind you. And, you thought we Physicists only wore sandals...

Next, off for a photo shoot at the Waltham Forest Guardian. Look forward to seeing what they write! Some PR for my PR.

Next Race: a Half Marathon at the end of Feb.

Then, a 10k in Early March, and finally, the Lyon Marathon in late April.

Here's the article that appeared in the Leyton Guardian. A few factual errors, but the gist is both correct and positive.


Barefoot Rick said...

Yanni, Congrats on the sub-20 minute 5K!! That is super! Enjoy the accomplishment of knowing you can run as fast barefoot as you did with shoes ... maybe faster?

Take care!

Barefoot Rick

DavisBarefooter said...

Yeah, congradulations! You appear to be rather fast. By the way, contrary to popular belief I did not spontaneously combust. Maybe we'll meet at a marathon some day.


Pam said...


A very belated congrats on your sub 20. I read your interview in this months Runners World. Thought it amazing. A RW forumite gave me a link to your blog.
I always thought about it but how do you cope with unwanted obstacles
dog stuff
broken bottles
stinging nettles/other weeds

Blog looks good


The Natural runner said...

Hi Pam,
Glad you liked the RW article. I tend to pay attention to where and how I run which keeps me out of trouble. This is one reason I prefer running on concrete to grass, since grass conceals many obstacles. Worst thing I stepped on was a bramble in North Wales, but I just pulled it out and continued. I know of people who have lost toenails from running with shoes, so nothing is without risk in life! More information here about the problems of obstacles: