Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Media coverage.

espite the colder weather, people remain interested in barefoot running.
I have just got to work after being filmed running barefoot to work by a BBC crew.
A video interview aired on BBC London news. You'll find me if you search on the BBC site for "Barefoot runner".

Yesterday, a full page article appeared in "The Guardian" newpaper featuring me barefoot running. The feature included a photo of me in action, taken in London's Hyde Park close to speaker's corner.

A piece of video art by New-York based "xplusrey" featuring me running barefoot through East London's Brick Lane. Despite claims of Nike involvement, this is not in fact the case!

Before my first ever barefoot Bristol Half Marathon, I was invited as a guest to the studios of BBC Radio Bristol to do a half hour live interview. I even got to play a request, so I asked for "Purple Haze" Jimi Hendrix, who probably never ran a mile in his adult life...

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i would like to share exeperiences with fellow london barefoot runners - including yanni

can you email me at