Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Barefoot runners untie..

Two experienced barefoot runners will meet to take part in the BUPA 10k run this Sunday, the 20th July in London, Hyde Park.

I will be running alongside Rick Roeber, AKA Barefoot Rick, from Kansas in the USA. He has come a long distance to race against me in my home city. I wonder when I will return the compliment? It will be the first time I have ever participated in an event with another barefoot runner. It still remains a rare sport, even though the health benefits of all things barefootedness are gaining more and more acceptance amongst the more open minded. It makes much scientific sense for a variety of reasons. Indeed, some companies market "barefoot shoes". This is does seem like an oxymoron.

Barefoot runners untie!

I have also entered the Snowdonia Marathon in the autumn, and will run in the Bristol Half marathon a few weeks beforehand as a useful test of my preparations. Some fun to be had!

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hz said...

"Barefoot shoes": yes really silly.

Still I am going to try one (pair) of them. For social reasons I do not walk barefoot in town, at work etc, but I think my barefoot running could benefit from walking in that type of shoes.