Thursday, July 09, 2009

London Marathon Barefoot

Following my adventures during the Snowdonia Marathon, one of the toughest but most scenic marathons, I have now applied for the London Marathon.

I aim to set a barefoot course record: at least one other runner has done it shoeless. I also hope to get a personal best: my fastest marathon time of 3:50 was achieved in the Lyon Marathon, another flat city marathon (so unlike the mountainous Snowdonia Marathon). And, this time was achieved in my 30's. I will be 40 when I run my next marathon. Yikes.


PHex said...

I came in a few minutes after you on Snowdon. I was truly impressed with the crossing the top barefoot, though I wasn't there for that.

Anyway I'm currently training in FiveFingers with a little bit barefoot and drifting slowly toward being more often barefoot.

A question I have is when it comes to different surfaces. Pavements are fine, most roads around me ok but some are really sharp. It's gravel, ever cross any of that? I just can't imagine running on some such surfaces.

(I have moved toward barefoot due to injury and the realisation I'd become a heel striker in shoes.)

Joe said...

I have only just seen this but wanted to comment. Did you get into London? I have a place in 2010 and along with the Brighton Marathon was aiming to do both barefoot. I am also looking at doing London at around 3:40. If you're in, hope to see you there!

Yanni Papastavrou said...

Hey Joe,
No, sadly, I didn't get a place in the London Marathon... unless something very unexpected happens, I'll not be in it.
Good luck with it, run strong!