Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Recent progress

For the last few weeks, I have not run many miles. This is because I have done so much cycling to and from work and to and from Brighton.
Commuting to work by bicycle involves a 9 mile trip in each direction, which equates to 90 miles (=18*5)

And, for the week of the London to Brighton ride, I cycled 195 Miles! That is a record for me. But, how do I equate these to the more familiar "running miles per week" ?
People say that if you are cycling slowly, the mileage cycled should be divided by 5. And, if you are cycling fasted, then the figure is more like 3. This is to account for the increased wnd resistance. Since I was cycling slowly for the high-mileage week, I can therefore equate this to only 39 miles!
For my regular commute, I cycle rather faster, so I will divide by 4 meaning that this equates to around 22 miles.

This is enough to maintain my status quo.

If I wish to progress, I should supplement this cycling with perhaps an additional 20 running miles per week. This should be divided into a series of shorter runs to keep the technique going, and the occasional long run, to build more endurance.

When I start training for the Bristol Half Marathon, I should increase this to run up to 30 miles per week, perhaps even 40 miles. The one problem I need to take care of is my left hip, which is still adjusting to my improved form. I now keep my feet parallel, whereas before, my left foot pointed outwards somewhat.

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Thomas Desodt said...

Hey !

Just a quick thought: how about equating things using time, rather than distance? It sounds to me that dividing by 5-4-3 is a bit random, but maybe 1hr of fast cycling is about the same as 1hr of running?